open class

Hello everyone

on Tuesdays night I will open a virtual class for ALL,

from the time 21:00 – 24:00

the meeting will run with the program Skype

In order to receive help from me, please Add yourself to the list
each one gets around 60 minutes (look at the list for open space)

But EVERYONE can join and participate (even just to hear and learn)

* Please make sure you got everything ready
** Meeting will be open ten minutes before, make sure you are on time
*** If you have files u want me to go over with u please send them before

we decided it is better to talk in ZOOM and share screen, so make sure u have ZOOM and microphone

Zoom meeting ID and link –

List for upcoming nights
(if you signed a date and hour and can’t make it, let me know)


31.03 –

21:00 -  מיכה ישראלי
22:00 –   
23:00 – 



21:00 -  Neta Moses
22:00 – 
23:00 - 


21.04 — 

21:00 -
22:00 –
23:00 -

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